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Balancing the serene with the dynamic, the sensual with the functional, and the traditional with the contemporary, Alexandra’s approach underscores the dual influences of Southern grace and cosmopolitan design. Her instinct for defining overarching palettes of character, color, texture, and form, combined with knowledgeable sourcing of materials and furnishings, results in rooms that delight on a myriad of levels. Alexandra unearths the perfect accent pieces in order to deepen the character of a room and lend each design a bespoke quality. Every space is tailored to the client’s wants and needs, imbuing each project with a sui generis quality. Alexandra’s work begins with an intuitive process of understanding the client and the nature of the space. This insight informs a distinctive vision that guides the entire design experience. With effective communication, meticulous planning, well-informed sourcing, and assiduous attention to detail, the client-shared vision is brought to fruition in rooms that are faultlessly functional, enduringly beautiful, and personally satisfying.