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Ivory couch with orange and yellow embroidered pillows and mirrored coffee table
Ivory silk loveseat with mirrored gold screen panel
Painted mural with orange curtain
Stuffed peacocks next to gilded mirror
Bedroom end table of painted black lacquer with blue vase and gilded lamp
Closeup of gold embroidered pillow on gilded chair
It is the specific detail of each individual element that deepens and enriches the experience of being in a room. Whether it is a tasseled textile or a hand-crafted artisanal piece, the gilt edge of a frame catching a subtle gleam of light, or an antique treasure with special meaning to the owner—these objects, like the arranged notes of a symphony, join together to create a unique and harmonious home. 
Patina lion statue and mirror above fireplace
Closeup of scrolled couch with white flowers and beige tasseled pillow
Bedroom pillow closeup with red and orange embroidered pillows
Closeup of dining table with flowers, gilded decor, red runner, dark wood
Closeup of red asian chair, gilded mirror
Vintage cabinet with asian bowl of shells and seascape painting